Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rome, Italy =)

Well, Doug and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We missed our family and friends, but we were happy to be spending it with each other. We're also happy to be back in Germany. After traveling for most of December, it's nice to be back at home! A few people have been asking us to post our Rome pictures, so sorry for the delay but they're up now. Just follow this link and you can check them all out.

Rome was wonderful! It's hard to describe how amazing I felt looking around and seeing ruins and monuments everywhere dating back to before Christ. There was history everywhere you looked, and we could have stayed there a whole month without seeing everything. Our hotel was the perfect location right in the middle of Rome, and we were able to walk everywhere, we didnt have to deal with public transportation at all! We stayed for 7days and it was the perfect amount of time; we got to see everything we wanted to and more, plus we got in a nap a few days and didnt feel too rushed. Doug enjoyed the Sistine Chapel (which was breathtaking!) and the tour of the Colosseum the most, while my favorite daytime spot was the Roman Forum...just because of the old monuments and statues and just the amount of ruins everywhere, it was incredible. At night, we had fun buying a bottle of wine and just sitting ouside the Colosseum and people watching. Of course, I can't forget the Gelato...we had pistachio gelato probably a few times daily and I can safely say every single time we had it, it tasted better than the last, absolutely delicious =) And we made sure to toss our coins into the Trevi Fountain to ensure we would return to Rome one day!!!

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