Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Berlin, Germany

Then, in early March we drove the 4 hours north to Berlin for the weekend. Berlin was interesing since it was such a stark contrast to the quaint German villages we're used to seeing. There was tons to see there...The Reichstag Building, Holocaust Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, The Brandenburg Gate, and the Kaiser Wilhelm Church that was damaged during WW2 bombing raids. We really enjoyed it all. Our favorite part of the trip was walking the 1km stretch of what's left of the Berlin Wall. Standing next to it really gives you the sense of what it was like for the Germans who lived during that period. Different graffiti artists have covered the wall with tons of murals and Doug and I loved checking out all of their art.

Currently we're planning a trip to Venice and Lake Garda this weekend, which we're really looking forward to. And more importantly, we're still waiting on Doug's new orders to find out where we'll be moving to next...hopefully those will come in the next week or two. We are keeping busy as always though. We're super pumped for the next few weeks because we signed up for PADI scuba diving certification classes that start on April 22nd. We're going to travel to Munich on the weekends to do our closed water dives at a huge indoor dive resort there that has crazy water tunnels that you can scuba through. Then our open water dives we'll be doing at different lakes in the area. Hopefully it starts to warm up soon or that is going to be a frigid experience!

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